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Hand over all the work to us as we custom design your home from bare bones to an editorial-quality space that reflects your aesthetic aspirations and personal lifestyle.

This service is ideal for busy clients who need us to source all furnishings, manage every facet of construction, oversee installations and advise on fine art procurement. We even take care

of removing unwanted furniture.

The Concierge fee is 20% of the overall project investment. Minimum investment $50,00




Congratulations, you're ready to

tackle a design project on your

own with guidance from a

professional designer.

We develop the customized

Master Design Plan based on

information gathered

during our initial virtual meeting.

Then, you will invest your time in

bringing the master plan to reality

by shopping/ordering our

prescribed furnishings, exercising

your DIY skills and/or hiring

your own trade pros.

This service elevates your project

way beyond the limits of your

own imagination.



Kitchen and/or bath renovations are particularly challenging because plumbing is involved and extensive construction is required.

We manage, execute and oversee all facets of the project, bringing you design concepts, sourcing cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and finishes, hiring contractors & trade professionals, managing construction/installation schedules and supervising work on-site.

The result is a luxurious kitchen or bath that reflects your taste and supports your lifestyle.

Schedule a discovery call with Marilyn to Discuss your next big project

All work begins with a Discovery call, during which we learn about your project, your expectations and aspirations. We’ll walk you through our design process, and discuss likely next steps for designing your space. 

To schedule your  Discovery Call, simply complete the questionnaire on our contact page, and select a date and time for the call.

Alexa Young, Product Manager

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