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E-Design is for you if you’re ready to sharpen your DIY skills with guidance from an experienced interior designer. We will elevate your design project way beyond the limits of your imagination. 


First, you complete our E-design Project Brief. This provides us insight into your vision for the project. Next, we meet virtually to establish the overall design goals including style preferences. You'll show us your inspiration images, and we'll ask questions. We learn as much as possible to create the design you'll love!!!


Next, provide us photos of your space. Take measurements, and provide us a hand drawing of the space showing wall dimensions, placement of windows, doors and the ceiling height. If necessary, we provide a 1-time virtual assist on taking measurement. Then confirm the pieces you want to keep, and new furnishings you want to add. 


Expect to receive our Design Action Plan that includes a detailed floor plan, a custom color palette, a materials board showing furniture selections, lighting options, accessories and a line-item shopping list with links for convenient follow through.


You take over by doing your own shopping/ordering, painting, construction (if necessary) and installations. You’ll work at your own pace, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a professional-looking space on your own.

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