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Concierge Design 

Our Process

I.     Concept Development Phase 

Based on our discovery discussion of the design concept, your expectations and your investment, we gather all design elements (furniture, floor coverings, paint colors, wallpaper selections, window treatments, fine art, fixtures etc.) for presentation to you.  


Decisions made at that meeting drive all design selections and strategies as the project moves toward the Design Development Phase. There will be only limited opportunity to modify the concept after it is developed and agreed upon -- as we are committed to respecting the timeline and investment. 


II.    Design Development Phase 

This is the working phase of our service. We develop the actual design schematic, select all furnishings, finishes, art, equipment, appliances (where applicable) décor and accessories for the project.  


Using samples, images and/or drawings of the design and décor elements, we build a picture of the room designs on digital Design Boards, presented at the Design Development Meeting. Expect that the design will be based entirely on the concept, investment and timeline. 


This phase culminates in The Design Meeting -- a collaborative presentation to you. We present mood and materials boards, drawings (floor plans and elevations), a 3-d rendering (where applicable) and a line item cost list.  


III.   Fulfillment Phase

The design vision takes shape during this phase – as your furnishings are being purchased, fabricated, delivered and installed over an estimated period of weeks or months. 


You can also expect a considerable amount of on-site traffic in your space.  This includes demolition and construction/trade services such as plumbing, electrical, paint/wallpaper etc. We visit regularly to check on progress and respond to construction and/or materials issues.


Custom styling is the grand finale of our service.  This includes installation of fine art, rugs, lighting, window treatments and décor accents.  Then we photograph your space and leave you to enjoy it!

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