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Simple, elegant, natural. Main components of this beautiful pendant brings a cozzy atmosphere while enhancting the room with rays that flourish through its body.






Adjustable Length: Vintage pendant light comes with 47.2 inches adjustable cable to let you get what lighting effect you want. 
The pendant lighting includes all mounting hardware for a quick and easy installation(ceiling canopy/UL light socket/adjustable cable).

-Each cable is robust and long-lasting. It comes with a rocker switch that helps you turn the lamp on/off without plugging/unplugging the cord. The cable is 15 feet and the switch is located at about 7 feet from the wall plug. Mounting hooks and clips included for your convenience. Each socket fits an base standard bulb, just insert a light bulb of your choice and plug it in. These pendant light cords allow for full customization based on your needs and style.

Wood Pendant Light Fixture

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